Trinity Baptist Church
Tuesday, March 03, 2015
An international and multi-generational community dedicated to making disciples of Jesus who are growing in faith, obedience, & joy, as we go out to advance God's kingdom

wednesday women's bible study

Time:  9:45 am - 12:00 pm, each Wednesday.  


WWBS is a unique group of women who represent various walks of life and different stages in their Spiritual Journey.  The group consists of actors, moms with young children, mom's with school-age children, career women with flexible working hours as well as empty nesters. 

The specific purpose of our group is to encourage intimacy with the Savior.  Our large group starts at 9:45 for fellowship (and snacks) and teaching. Smaller groups within the larger group then meet for a time of discussion and prayer.  Group members are encouraged to do homework related to the Bible Study and pray for their fellow group members throughout the week.  Periodic weeks are dedicated for brunches to increase fellowship within the group.

Christian friends and support are a gift in a large city. We welcome new members at any time to join us in this special ministry. Childcare is available for a reasonable fee.

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