Trinity Baptist Church
Thursday, March 05, 2015
An international and multi-generational community dedicated to making disciples of Jesus who are growing in faith, obedience, & joy, as we go out to advance God's kingdom




Trinity was founded in 1867 as The First Swedish Baptist Church of New York. We dedicated our current building on January 24, 1931 and officially changed our name on January 25, 1942. This latter date also marked the transition from Swedish to English in  the major sevices. Evidence of our Swedish roots are visible in the unconventional architecture of our buildingThe Story of our church and Our Baptist heritage is clearly seen in our beliefs.  We emphasize Christ as Saviour, the Bible as authoritative for faith and practice, believer's baptism by immersion, a regenerate church membership, and democratic organization.

TBC Sanctuary

Trinity is incorporated as a Baptist Church, and we are a member of the Converge Worldwide, formerly Baptist General Conference. As a Baptist Church we:



  Stained Glass

emphasize Christ as our Savior


believe the Bible is our sole authority in faith and Practice.


practice "believer's baptism" and see immersion as its clearest statement.


believe in regenerate church membership.


have local congregational autonomy


believe in the priesthood of all believers.


believe that each individual is accountable before God for reading and interpreting scripture.


practice two ordinances - baptism and the Lord's supper.