Trinity Baptist Church
Sunday, March 29, 2015
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Nominations for New Trustees

The Trustee Nominating Committee asks that all members of Trinity to prayerfully consider each of the following candidates over the next week. If any member has concerns about a candidate, please send the concern in writing to the Trustee Nominating Committee. Upon receiving the concern, The Nominating Committee will then determine if additional action should be taken before the slate is placed before the members at the Annual Meeting on April 28. All correspondence should be sent to Trinity Baptist Church at 250 East 61st Street New York, NY 10065 C/O The Trustee Nominating Committee.

Ann Carr (three year term)

Annie has been attending Trinity since 2009.  Her history at Trinity includes serving as a helper for the Alpha course in 2010, joining the Rwanda mission team in 2012, and participating with the women 20's group from 2011-present.  Annie's professional background is in the financial services industry, where she structures a variety of short-term financing solutions for U.S. municipalities and closed-end funds.

Anais Kim (three year term)

Anais Kim has been attending Trinity with her husband, Dave, since 2007. Anais and Dave married last September at Trinity. In the past she has served as a leader through the International Students Ministry, leading volunteer groups to the World Vision Warehouse in the Bronx and 100 Saturdays to Rockaway Beach, and attends the Tuesday Women’s 20s Bible Study. Anais currently serves as one of the co-chairs for the Women of Vision NYC chapter. She has a product management and marketing background.

Duane M. Smith (one year term)

Duane has been attending Trinity with his wife Linnie Golightly since 2005. They have two boys, Brian and Andre, ages 21 and 9 years old respectively. His history of service at Trinity includes seven years in leadership of a small group for couples, participation for five years in the Counting Ministry, and five years as a member of the Trustee Board, serving as chair for the past four years. In the past at other churches, he has served as an usher, co-director (with Linnie) of a youth ministry; in his youth he served as conductor and member of a youth choir and on a pastoral nominating committee. Duane’s professional background is in medicine and medical administration in programs for the underserved. He has been directing and providing patient care in HIV primary care programs for the past 15 years. In addition, he has served on and as an officer of boards of a number of nonprofit organizations in the fields of public health and health care.

Jamie Spann (three year term)

Jamie has been attending Trinity since she moved from Texas to New York in December 2007. Since at Trinity her main role has been serving as one of Trinity's Rwanda Missions deacons which has involved coordinating four mission trips to Rwanda, participating and/or leading a team of runners in four Running for Rwanda campaigns, and helping coordinate three "Rants for Rwanda" comedy shows among many other tasks. She has also been an active member on Trinity's softball and basketball teams. Jamie is a Certified Public Accountant and is a manager in the Transaction Services group at one of the big four accounting firms for which she has worked for almost eight years.

Jonathan Hine (three year term)

Jonathan has been attending Trinity since 2010 and has been involved in the choir, Alpha ESOL and the International Students Ministry.  He was excited to build mud houses with the Trinity missions team in Rwanda last year and recently ran the World Vision half marathon to raise money for the Rwanda Bricks & Blackboards campaign.  Jonathan’s professional background began working for a big 4 accounting firm and more recently has been focused on Financial Analysis in the Real Estate industry.

Martin Poole (one year term)

Martin has been attending Trinity since 1997. He has been a member of Trinity since 2012. He served on the Front Door Ministry for over 10 years and continues to fill in when needed. He has recently added the Counting Ministry. Martin has participated in many small groups and has led several during his time at Trinity. Martin has co-taught the Freed Up Financial Freedom course a number of times to assist Trinity members in better managing their finances. Martin is a Certified Financial Planner and has worked in the banking and securities industries for over 30 years.

Otilia Melwani (three year term)

Oty has been attending Trinity since 2007. Her history of service at Trinity includes serving in bright beginnings, new comers, and on the Front Door Ministry. Oty’s professional background is in the Finance industry. She graduated with a degree in accounting and has her MBA in finance and management. She is a licensed CPA and currently works for a private equity firm.