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Tuesday, September 02, 2014
Taking people to deeper intimacy with the Savior.

1st-5th grades


GODQUEST Bible Adventure Workshops is a Bible study designed exclusively for Trinity to meet the needs of our own 1st through 5th grade kids!  In GODQUEST, the children work on key themes and concepts of a particular Bible story for a period of several weeks.  This allows the children time to dig deeper into the meaning of the story learning how to apply it's principles to their own lives.  Each week, the children rotate to a different workshop. While the main objectives of the study remains constant in each of the workshops, the children get the chance to explore the same story several different ways!  Some of the kid-friendly workshops offered over the course of the year include....ART, DRAMA, MUSIC, GAMES, COMPUTERS, COOKING, SCIENCE, STORYTELLING, VIDEO & MORE!


Our Program Overview 
The GODQUEST morning begins at 9:30 in Classroom B/C with all the children joining together for 15 minutes of worship time.  The format follows Trinity's Sunday church service schedule and the fourth/fifth graders are encouraged to play an active role in this part of the program. 
The children then break into the color group they have been assigned to for that unit of study (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow) and head off to work in one of four different workshops where hands-on learning takes place. Teaching teams of two adults are assigned to help facilitate each workshop for the entire length of the unit of study.
At the end of each unit of study and after each color group has had a chance to "rotate" through all four workshops, the children meet together as a large group for a fun review activity that reinforces what was learned.
GODQUEST leaders bring all the children back to Classroom B/C to be picked up by parents after first service is over.

Over the year, the children earn points that they will be able to use at a year-end auction/party.  Points are awarded for:  1) attendance; 2) bringing Bibles; 3) memorizing the key verse that accompanies each study; and 4) giving a weekly offering that helps support two WorldVision children (.25cents suggested, any amount is fine).
Periodically, the children will be encouraged to "go the extra mile" and memorize a special QUEST verse for additional points.  The QUEST verse is always more challenging so your child will need your support and encouragement at home.  Each child can work at his/her own pace to complete the QUEST verse anytime throughout the year.

  Our Current Study

The Great Commission
April 27 - May 25

This rotation will focus on the last four verses of Matthew's Gospel which are called the Great Commission. These final instructions from Jesus before His ascent into heaven are written to the remaining eleven disciples and include a plan for His future followers.  By studying His last words, the children will develop a deeper understanding that we are all called by Jesus to be His disciples and that He is, indeed, with us now and "always, to the end of the age."

Lesson Themes

Children will…  

  • locate the Gospel of Matthew and identify it as the first book of the New Testament.
  • learn that after His resurrection, Jesus appeared to His disciples to give them important instructions of what they should do once He ascended into heaven.
  • recognize that these instructions are called the Great Commission.
  • understand that we all are called to teach others about Jesus and this can be accomplished through our actions, as well, as our words.
  • know that Jesus is with each one of us always.
  • recite Matthew 28: 19-20.
  • enjoy their study; be blessed by the study; have fun! 


 Unit & Quest Verse:  Matthew 28: 19-20

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