Trinity Baptist Church
Tuesday, March 03, 2015
An international and multi-generational community dedicated to making disciples of Jesus who are growing in faith, obedience, & joy, as we go out to advance God's kingdom



What does it mean to 'believe in Christ'?    We feel we would be negligent if we went on and on about missions but forgot to mention how one becomes a Christian or what we believe about Jesus and the Bible. Well, we suggest you click here to find out what it is we believe and here to find out how to become a Christian.  


TBC supports many missionaries in locations from Africa to the U.S. We also have quite a few right here in New York! See who our missionaries are and what they are doing. Also, access their latest letters and find out their prayer requests.    What Can You Do   
In conjuction with our Christian Education department, we are offering classes and training for sharing your faith, whether it be in street evangelism to perfect strangers or lifestyle evangelism with your friends, family and co-workers.

Short Term Missions Trips    

Trinity believes that laypeople - the general congregation, even you - should try missions themselves. We have sent people to Kosovo, Mexico, and many other places. Lives are changed - both those ministered to and those doing the ministering.  

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